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Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment Facilities



In 2006 Government established a Youth Development Fund (YDF), a revolving micro loan facility for the youth. The YDF was merged with the Employment Creation Fund (ECF) that was established in the late 90s. The facility is known as the Youth Development and Employment Creation Fund and has a constitution approved by Treasury.

The facility supports youth entrepreneurship development. It provides loans at a concessionary rate of 10% per annum for tenure of up to 36 months depending on the nature of the project.  The facility is co-administered by the Ministry and the following financial institutions:

  • CBZ Bank Limited - Youth Empowerment Fund;
  • IDBZ -Youth Development Fund;
  • IDBZ - Meikles Out Grower Scheme;
  • CABS- Kurera Ukondla Youth Fund; and
  • Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe- Youth Wealth Creation Fund.

This arrangement provides a link between the youth and the financial institutions and fosters a sustainable base for business growth and expansion for the youth.



The CYEF is a facility setup in partnership with the CBZ on the principle of Public Private Partnership. Government, through the Youth Development Fund has made a Loan Guarantee Investment with the bank and the bank in turn mobilizes resources for security-free on-lending to the youth but guaranteed by the investment. The loans are meant for both capital and working capital purposes.



The capital base of the fund at IDBZ has grown to USD500 000 since 2009 to date. The bank disburses funds from Treasury to the Youth hence its growth is dependent on the size and level of resources received from Treasury.



As part of its indigenisation quota, Meikles availed a total sum of USD 200 000 for youth empowerment targeting youth in horticulture and small livestock production. The facility is run through IDBZ and ran on a pilot basis during 2012 covering a radius of 100 kilometers from Harare. The programme will expand to other areas countrywide during 2013.



Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited, in partial fulfilment of its Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment quota allocated 2.5% of shares to a Trust fund for youth empowerment. The shares have been hedged as security for a youth empowerment facility (Kurera/Ukondla Youth Fund) with CABS.

The facility is administered by the trust comprising of the Old Mutual Zimbabwe Limited, CABS, Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment and Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC).  The Kurera/Ukondla Youth Fund is capitalised to the tune of $ 10 million.

The disbursements of funds from this facility commenced in January 2012 and as at 10 May 2013 a total of 16148 applications were received under this facility. About two-thirds of the applications were processed, of which 3477 projects were funded to the tune of $ 4 901788. The projects have an employment creation potential of 10044 jobs. 



As part of its indigenisation quota, Stanbic bank setup a USD 20 million revolving loan facility for youth empowerment. This facility loan size ranges from USD 5000 to a maximum of $20000 per project and it is targeting the Zimbabwean Youths aged between 21 and 35 years.

The fund is aimed to unlock potential of the youth by providing them with working capital for the projects and also capital expenditure.

Stanbic Wealth Creation Fund has been spread across all the sectors and the provinces. The facility since launch has seen over $5, 6 million being disbursed to the youths for various projects.



Youth livelihood support and enterprise development cannot be a preserve for the Government or public sector alone; it requires an all stakeholder approach. All economic actors and sundry should come in to assist in addressing the employment challenges facing the youth.  It is eminent that with such an approach we will (as a nation) go far in addressing rural-urban disparities, alleviating poverty, helping young people gain skills and increase prospects for decent work for the young people.

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